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Mt Tarawera

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Mt Tarawera Volcanic Activity 

Mt Tarawera

Volcanic Activity >  No volcanic unrest
Last eruption >       1886

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Latest earthquakes
Land movement
Inferno crater chemistry


land move

Land movement upward over the last 300 days at Mt Tarawera.

Land movement eastward over the last 300 days at Mt Tarawera.

Land movement northward over the last 300 days at Mt Tarawera.

Inferno crater Chlorine CI concentration - 2010 to current

water chemistry

Inferno crater Sulfate S04 concentration - 2010 to current

Inferno crater Magnesium Mg concentration - 2010 to current


Information: Mt Tarawera is part of the Okataina volcanic centre which also includes the volcanoes of Haroharo, Mt Edgecumbe, Okareka and Rotoma. In 1886 Tarawera volcano destroyed the pink and white terraces during a 4.5 hour eruption. There were few precursory signs of the eruption. One hour before the eruption began at Tarawera there were felt earthquakes. 

The first eruption began at 01:30am on 10th June 1886 when a violent earthquake was followed by a plume which reached 9 km high. During the maximum phase from 3:00am to 6:00am a 17 km long fissure erupted from Wahanga dome to Waimangu valley. 

Eruption History here: 

Inferno Crater Lake Mt Tarawera
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