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Strong geomagnetic storm incoming

Updated: May 10, 2021

A space weather alert has been issued across the earth this evening by many government weather agencies for the next 48 hours. An unusually strong geomagnetic storm from a solar flare is inbound and due to start impacting earth’s magnetosphere in the next few hours. On a scale of 1 to 9, the American agency NOAA are forecasting the storm to possibly reach level 7 which is regarded as strong G3 solar storm.

Potential impacts of such a strong storm will range from satellite interference affecting GPS accuracy, potential power grid issues and an intense illumination of the Aurora borealis or otherwise known as the Northern Lights. Some believe this can trigger an increase in seismic activity but this is unproven with little science research to support the theory.

The storm is forecast to peak at 10am to 1pm NZT tomorrow (11th Dec). Currently the incoming solar winds have picked up to around 500 km/h.

Key links for more information:

Southern Hemisphere observations at Australia’s BOM agency

Northern Hemisphere observations at U.S.A’s NOAA agency

Edit: 11 December 3pm. This morning at 9:42am at strong magnitude 6.7 earthquake occurred 500km to the north east of the North Island. Interesting coincidence.

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