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Multiple large quakes near New Caledonia

A series of large earthquakes have occurred near New Caledonia's Loyalty Islands on the South New Hebrides Trench in the last 72 hours. It seems to have triggered by a moderate M5.2 on 29th March at 8:12pm. This was followed 13 hours later by a larger M 6.9 at 9:56am on 30th March. This seemed likely to be the main shock until a new M 7.0 at 6:44pm on 31st March became the main shock so far. Today a 3rd large aftershock of M 6.3 at 8:50am occurred. Since 29th March until 1:00pm 1st April, there has been 21 earthquakes above M4.5. Time will tell on whether the main shock is still to come in this new series.

This series of earthquakes is around 150 km WNW on the tsunami producing M 7.7 earthquake from 11th February 2021.

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