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Earthquakes continue to rattle areas of the Gulf

Another rattling earthquake for the Coromandel Peninsula and Great Barrier Island around 7.30 pm Tuesday night with a M 4.3 being felt. The primary seismic wave arrived at our seismometer in Auckland within 31 seconds with a secondary seismic wave lasting around 3 minutes.

The current earthquake sequence beneath the Bay of Plenty in a location 100 km to the east of Whitianga, has now reached over 440 quakes in the last 4 weeks and continues tonight. At this stage the main shock in the sequence was a magnitude 5.2 at 3:47 am on Saturday 29th August. There has also been eleven quakes above M 4.0 all which have been felt across parts of the Coromandel peninsula, Gulf Islands and Auckland in the last 4 weeks.

The region where the earthquake sequence is currently underway, is further north than the majority of past events which has meant areas around the Hauraki Gulf are feeling the seismic activity. Until the current event subsides, it won’t be known if the M 5.2 quake on 29th August is the main shock but hopefully it is.

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