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The great solar storm of 2024

Between 7th to 9th May sunspot region 3664 blasted multiple X class solar flares towards earth.

Initial radio blackouts occurred across the earth within minutes of these eruptions but it was the CME's that would make this storm a goliath and the most powerful solar storm in the last 2 decades. Plasma and Magnetic field from the blasts began to merge as they arrived at earth on 11th May NZT as a G4 geomagnetic storm.

This resulted in the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) being visible in Auckland just before sunrise.

Auckland 6am 11th May Credit Rinshu Jaiswal Nerka

The storm within 6 hours started fluctuating to the extreme G5 level and continued into the evening NZT.

The storm peaked just after sunset across the upper North Island the auroras were stunning and at a visual level not seen this century.

Beachlands, Auckland 11th May Credit Wal Denholm

Waipu Northland 11th May Credit Gorgina Lewis

Patumhoe Auckland 11th May credit Hayden Rutherford

Te Puru Thames Coast 11th May Credit Leanne Grinder

Waiheke Island May 11th credit Kirsty Richards
Rangitoto Waiake beach 11 May credit Mikey mack

Incredible North head shot of Auckland city even showing the aurora with city lights

Globally the geomagnetic storm disrupted global communication, satellites, and power grids. The sunspot region AR3664 grew to a size that rivalled the great Carrington sunspot of 1859 in size and visual appearance, being 15 times wider than Earth at one point.

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