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More storms and inversion thunder rattles the North

A strong squall line on a frontal boundary motored across the Upper North Island on the last day of November which finished out a very stormy month indeed. 6 Thunder day were recorded for the month along with near record rainfall.

Squall line on the radar 1:30pm, 30 November

As the squall line moved through it triggered lightning strikes.

The unusually loud booming sounds of thunder reported seemed to be caused by 'Inversion thunder'.

Taking a close look at the weather balloon data from today’s MetService 11am measurements at Whenuapai, it shows there was a temperature inversion at around 1km above the earth surface. This has likely caused the atmospheric acoustic phenomenon called ‘Inversion thunder’, which is when a warmer layer of air traps the sound and then refracts it back towards the ground.

Atmospheric sounding data from 11am showing the temperature rising 10.8°c to 12.4°c at around 1km above the ground

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