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Monthly sea level peak - king high tide 12th April 2020

The lunar month’s highest tide occurred on 12th April 2020 between 11:00pm and 11.15pm during the king tide sequence. The Waitemata harbour tidal gauge measured a mean level of 1.68 metres which is 5cm above the 2015 to 2019 peak average for April. The air pressure at the time of the reading was 1003.7 hPa so when using the inverted barometric adjustment calculation method of 1cm for every 1 hPa, the projected height would have been 1.78 metres at the mean sea level pressure of 1013 hPa. More on meteorological effects on tides can be found here.

The ongoing trend between 2014 to 2020 for the Waitemata harbour sea level peak continues to be stable with no upward or downward trend. The tidal gauge data used for this analysis can be found here.

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