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M5.9 quake rattles the North and South Islands

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

A notable magnitude 5.9 earthquake, 210km deep has rattled across NZ at 10.58am this morning. Located 60km to the north west of Mt Ruapehu, it is in the same area as the magnitude 6.2 deep earthquake on 30 October 2018, hinting they are related. The North Island sits on the Australian Plate but this deep earthquake has occurred in the Pacific Plate, which is subducting or diving under the North Island. This means more shaking is felt to the east of the epicentre across the North Island.

GeoNet had nearly 25,000 felt reports

The primary seismic wave arrived at our seismometer in Auckland around 45 seconds after the rupture. There were nearly 25,000 felt reports across NZ, with some felt reports from the Coromandel Peninsula, Hauraki Plains, Auckland and Northland.

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