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Cyclone Fili brushes the upper North island

Cyclone Fili, originally a category 2 tropical cyclone, brushed past the upper North Island on Wednesday, causing severe gales on Great Barrier Island, northern areas of the Gulf and eastern parts of the Coromandel peninsula.

Sunset on Cyclone Fili 12th April 2022

The highest wind gust recorded across the upper North Island was 124 km/h (67 knots) at Great Barrier Island's Claris airport at 9:30am today from the Auckland Council observation.

Cyclone Fili further deepened to around 979 hPa with a classic 'Sting Jet' signature off the East Cape affecting the Gisborne and Wairoa districts on Wednesday afternoon and evening before moving into the Pacific.

2pm, 13 April Cyclone Fili off the East Cape

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