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Updated 9:20am 18 March NZT
Next update before 8:00am 19 March NZT

GEFS ensemble cyclone forecast track map
Wind (max)

Wind Gusts

Tropical low
1008 hPa
20 knots (1 min sustained)

35 knots
19.9°S 175.6°W
The tropical low remained weak overnight with less favourable wind shear with some flaring convection near the centre. It remains a low chance of becoming a tropical storm in the next 24 hours. 

Longer term the low is projected to remain and drift towards Fiji into next week

Refer to your local government official warnings when making decisions
91P 10.jpg
Latest animated wind map and infrared satellite loop

Nearest live stream - Fiji ,courtesy of Lawai Beach Resort 

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Hauraki Gulf Weather only offers an opinion on the development and track of a cyclonic storm. We will also post opinions and updates on our our social media channels including real time updates on our twitter account . In accordance to the NZ severe weather code of conduct, all official warnings are issued by MetService under the Meteorological Services Act 1990.
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