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New earthquake cluster near the Auckland Volcanic Field

A new cluster of 3 small earthquakes on the edge of the Auckland volcanic field occurred within 18 hours of each other on 14th and 15th July beneath the Hauraki Gulf . The quakes were clustered in an area, 10km south of Little Barrier Island, 20 km east of Kawau Island, 50 km north of Rangitoto and 60 km north east of Auckland. Magnitudes have been 1.6, 1.8, & 1.9 at a depth of 5km and are unlikely to have been felt on land. The quakes appear to be tectonic in nature and not associated with deeper magma chamber activity that would be expected with volcanism.

This new sequence is approximately 60 km south of the ongoing earthquake swarm which is located 35km east of Whangarei heads and stands at 94 earthquakes.

Earthquake GeoNet links 1.6 1.8 1.9

Images: Courtesy of GeoNet

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