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Increased earthquake activity near the Mt Ruapehu crater lake

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

GeoNet have detected 13 small earthquakes under Mt Ruapehu over the last 72 hours within 2km of the crater lake up until 6:34am this morning. Earthquakes are common around the Ruapehu Volcano, but this is more than normal this close to the crater. Since the 2007 eruption 14 and half years ago, there has been 256 quakes within 2km of the crater, which is an average of around 17 earthquakes per year.

GeoNet volcano earthquake monitor since 30 Dec to 2 Jan 6:34am

On December 14th, GeoNet reported that the volcano was undergoing a new heating phase and the lake was at 31c. Volcanic Alert Level is currently at 1.

Mt Ruapehu 7am this morning courtesy of

Report and assessment from GeoNet on 12th January relating to the unrest

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