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A major La Niña is developing in the equatorial Pacific

Be aware, a Marangai weather pattern is emerging. 1 chart alone suggests to start preparing for a wet and wild ride in the lead up to and beyond Christmas. A major climatic shift is underway across the central Pacific and the earth's climate system, as a significant cooling of the equatorial pacific continues to accelerate. This is accompanied by strong easterly trade winds, in what is commonly known as a La Niña event. What does a La Niña mean for the upper North Island?

A strong La Niña weather pattern generally means that once high pressure cells move southward and become centred east of the South Island for summer, strong subtropical north easterlies and easterlies will surge into the upper North Island on a regular basis. This vigorous moisture rich airflow will produce a classic Marangai weather pattern. This will also mean increased chances of ex-tropical cyclones and low pressure depressions moving into the region from the tropics.

Other regular climatic factors like the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) and the Southern annular mode (SAM) that affect our weather patterns in sporadic cycles, will enhance this upcoming Marangai weather pattern phenomenon. It may seem dry now but if you are in a flood prone area, ensure you have a well drilled plan in place for the warm season ahead.

Video: Current sea surface temperature differences from normal. An expansive cold tongue of cold water is moving westward and will affect our summer weather pattern.

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