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2 years on since the climate changing Tonga major volcanic eruption.

It's been 2 years since the largest volcanic eruption of the 21st century (so far), occurred at the Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai, submarine volcano. Atmospheric and ocean impacts were felt across the globe with shock waves and sonic booms blasting across the upper North Island within 90 minutes of the eruption. These were soon followed by tsunami waves that destroyed many marine vessels in Northland's Tutakaka harbour.

Over the last 2 years we have been tracking the global temperature change with several scientific journals printed in the year after the eruption forecasting a temperature spike in the years post eruption. This is due to the immense volume of water vapour trapped in the stratosphere creating a greenhouse effect. Those predictions have so far verified with a global temperature increase of 0.5°c as of December 2023 since the eruption. The global climatic event is still playing out and may do for several years to come.

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